Cannabistaff Franchising Information

We Make It Easy!

We Make It Easy!

We are the convenience staffing leader, so it just makes sense to offer a business model that makes franchising - convenient. It’s all turnkey, which means we deliver everything you need to run your business. Plus, we’re continuously thinking up new ways to help you make franchise ownership easy and profitable. The only thing missing is your vision, good energy, and solid work ethic. Go ahead, apply today! 

A gross profit split means we’re invested!

Most franchisors take royalties on sales, but Cannabistaff has a different kind of business model. We share profits with our franchise owners, so we really are invested! We’ve also built all kinds of tools and resources to help you reduce waste and increase gross profits. When you give your best effort, we’ll match it with ours – because your success is as important to us as it is to you.

Let’s get started!

If you’ve got what it takes to franchise with Cannabistaff,
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