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Do you have common HR questions like the ones below?

  • "Do we have to pay an employee for overtime hours that he worked but were not authorized?"

  • "Employee A told me that Employee B was stealing company property. Can I fire Employee immediately?"

  • "We're terminating an employee who has two weeks of paid vacation accrued. Do we have to pay her for those 2 weeks?"

HR & Employment Guidance Platform

Cannabistaff Employment Guidance offers HR support when you need it! 

HR Consulting Helpline + Online Helpdesk 

Hire our dedicated, certified HR professionals.

 Use our Cannabistaff HR Online Help Desk for 24/7 on demand service.

  • Marijuana Worker Permit Verifications
  • Common questions 
  • Mitigate Risk 
  • 24/7 online compliance & regulatory support desk 

HR Gap Analysis 

Quarterly Checkpoint 

Annual Planning Session 

Custom Options Are Always Available

Your Personalized HR Support Partner

At Cannabistaff you are more than a number. We offer personalized HR support for businesses looking to build a compliant, productive workplace. 

You'll have a dedicated HR professional who gets to know your organization and its goals. 

You will also receive access to the Cannabistaff HR Online Help Desk.

Cannabistaff offers businesses an HR platform which combines the industry's best technology. We offer wisdom, insights, and industry leading technology that will surge your business forward. 

As an industry leading technology driven 

HRIS we offer you powerful tools, templates, law guidance, and more to help you check things off of your to-do list. 

Hiring Calculator

Do you want to know what those open vacancies are really costing you? Find out today by accessing our online hiring calculator! 

Join Fair Trade Cannabistaff

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know. Join Fair Trade Cannabistaff today! 

Temp-to-hire Staffing Resources

Temp-to-hire is the answer to many small to medium and even large businesses prayers. They can try out their candidates and hire only top tier talent. Cannabistaff is effective in our role as a temp-to-hire staffing provider and we understand everything it takes to be productive in this area of service. 

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